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Silver Medal, Violin
Violin Society of America International Competition ~ Oakland, 1994

  Back of antiqued violin, 1980 Violin top, 1979  
  Click image to see more detail of the back of antiqued violin, 1980 Click image to see more detail Violin top, 1979  

Geoffrey Ovington

Geoffrey Ovington began making instruments in 1973 under the guidance of James Coggin.  Working with a Manhattan based dealer and restorer, he advanced his acquaintance with fine Italian, French and English instruments and with classic French bows.

Geoffrey in his workshop cutting the Ff holes on a violin top

The Ovington violin shop is now located in the Adirondack foothills north of New York City. Violins from his bench have found homes in venues as diverse as the Austrian Radio Orchestra to the Bennington String Quartet. An Ovington violin was awarded a Silver Medal at the International Competition of the Violin Society of America at Oakland in 1994.

In addition to commissioned instruments, violins bearing the label "G. Ovington e suoi alumni" can be purchased at a price which is realistic for the conservatory student. The wood used is well seasoned and from the same European source as all instruments from the shop.

Photographs courtesy of Monty Calvert

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