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2005 Violin - "G"
Pattern Stradivari

Viola Top; click for more detail  Viola Back; click for more detail
2004 Copy of an Enrico Cerutti
Viola, Cremona 1845
Length:  16 1/8 inches (41 cm)

Geoffrey Ovington is the only American luthier ever commissioned by the Vienna Philharmonic to make instruments for that orchestra (3 violas in 1991). Other European orchestras in which Ovington violins, violas and cellos are played include the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, the opera orchestra of La Scala, the South German Radio Philharmonic, the Linz Bruckner Orchestra, the Malmo Symphony, Bergen Symphony and the chamber orchestras Deutsche Kammerphilharmomie and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

Orchestras in the United States where Ovington instruments are played include the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the Los Angeles Chamber Symphony.  String quartets using instruments from Ovington's bench are the Lafayette and (formerly) the Colorado as well as the Prima Vera and Fransiscan quartets.  To working string players these are prestigious venues, the places where many conservatory players dream of someday playing.

An Ovington violin, viola or cello is crafted with great care and attention to detail.  A luthier since 1973 Geoffrey crafts instruments using time honored violin maker's classic methods.  Each instrument must meet the high standards of Geoffrey himself before it is ever heard in public.   He has been awarded  numerous prestigious awards, including the Viola Tone Award and a Silver Medal awarded in International Competitions of the Violin Society of America.


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